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About Us

Quality and service you can trust

Here at Experimax Cape Town, we pride ourselves on making Apple affordable to our new and existing customers. Our on-site experts specialise in pre-owned Apple devices, helping you save money, save the environment and avoid  all complications associated with purchasing a pre-owned Apple device. We buy sell and trade both new and pre-owned Apple devices and products. From screens, batteries, charging ports, sensors, cameras and speakers to buyback and asset rental finance, and more, our professional sales team will offer you great service at discount prices. We offer a 90-day warranty and an international 20+ point certification process, visit Experimax to service your Apple needs today!

Experimax, Quality, Value, Satisfaction

about cpo quality guarantee logo
about cpo quality guarantee logo
about cpo quality guarantee logo

We believe in the Apple® brand.
We know that Apple® has the best resale value out there.
We believe that all individuals deserve the right to own an Apple® device.
We believe in good old humanity and offering a service that can only be described as excellent. We believe in keeping the environment clean by focusing on pre-owned devices. We believe that every person is an individual and therefor we offer packages that cater for their every Apple® need.

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